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Non-toxic Eco friendly Screen Cleaner (2 oz)

This eco-friendly screen cleaning spray and microfiber cleaning cloth will safely remove dust, grime and fingerprints from any LCD screen. greenerCLEANER is perfect for iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones, TVs, MP3 players and many other device screens.

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greenerCLEANER is alcohol and ammonia free to ensure that no harm is caused to your device. It has been designed with an environmentally friendly formula derived from 99.7% natural ingredients.

This antimicrobial solution disinfects while it cleans. The included microfiber cleaning cloth will remove all dust particles and smudges from your device leaving your screen clear and crisp.

Special features
Antimicrobial solution disinfects while it cleans
Alcohol and ammonia free cleaner safely removes fingerprints, dust and grime
Non-toxic eco friendly formula
Environmentally friendly cleaner is derived from 99.7% natural ingredients
Includes microfiber cleaning cloth

Kit includes:
- 2 oz. spray bottle
- Microfiber cleaning cloth

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